I love English! c. 10 — 11

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I love English! c. 10 — 11

I love English! Я люблю английский!

Упражнение 1, с. 10

1. Read and write the number. Then act out.

1. A: What’s your lucky number?
    B: Thirteen! 13

2. A: What’s your phone number?
    B: Its three-seven-two-eight-nine-one-five. 3728915

3. A: How old are you?
    B: Nine! 9

4. A: What’s your address?
    B: Eight King Street. 8

Упражнение 2, с. 10

2. Listen and tick (V) the correct picture.

1 Which is Lulu’s new school bag?

Текст записи:

Which is Lulu’s new school bag?
Maya: Is that your new school bag, Lulu?
Lulu: Yes, it is. Do you like it?
Maya: I love that pink colour – it’s lovely!
Lulu: Yes, pink’s my favourite colour.

Can you see the tick? Now you listen and tick the box.

ex. 2, p. 10 WB-1

Текст записи:

What’s in Lulu’s pencil case?
Maya: What’s in your pencil case, Lulu?
Lulu: Well, my pens and pencils and my ruler.
Maya: Are they new pens and pencils?
Lulu: Yes, they are! My ruler’s new too!

ex. 2, p. 10 WB - 2

Текст записи:

Which is Lulu’s new class?
Maya: Come on, Lulu. Let’s find our new classroom.
Lulu: What number is it?
Maya: It’s number five.
Lulu: Number five. Look, there it is, over there.

ex. 2, p. 10 WB-3

Упражнение 3, с. 11

3. Read and correct.

My name’s John and I’m 8. I’m in year 4 at school. I like English, History, and Art, but my favourite subject is Science. What about you? John  

ГДЗ по английскому языку. 3 класс. Рабочая тетрадь. Быкова Н. И., Дули Д., Поспелова М. Д., Эванс В.

Английский язык. 3 класс

I love English! c. 10 — 11
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